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Prerequisites: None. Designed for the beginner.

GAL010: Everyday Aramaic (Galilean) is a rather unique course dealing with an obscure topic in a novel way. Each day, every day, a small easy-to-digest lesson is written upon the professor's chalk board, an image of which is posted here along with commentary and exercises. The subject of study is early Galilean Aramaic, the "daughter dialect" of the very language that was spoken by Jesus of Nazareth, himself.

This course was originally developed so that the professor's wife and children could learn Galilean, with its characteristic spellings, pronunciation and grammar, reconstructed and adapted for use as a spoken-at-home language. As such it is well-suited for all ages and learning levels.

What's currently on the blackboard is always posted here for all to enjoy. A subscription grants you full access to the archives, extended commentary, exercises, and direct communication with the professor to ask questions. This course is ongoing.

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Prerequisites: None. Designed for the beginner.

This is a specialty 8-week course that was put together at Aramaic Designs for anyone who is interested in learning more about the Lord's Prayer in Jesus' mother tongue, Aramaic. Topics will include:

  • What is So Special About the Lord's Prayer?
  • A (Brief) History of Aramaic & the Dialect of Jesus
  • The Syriac Peshitta Tradition
  • Other Syriac Traditions and Their Relations to Each Other
  • Scholarly Reconstructions
  • Modern Aramaic Traditions
  • Odd Translations
  • Conclusions, Thoughts & Final Paper

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Prerequisites: none.

This course will serve as a basic introduction to Classical Syriac Aramaic, a major literary dialect that was prominent between the 2nd and 8th centuries CE, most notably as the vehicle for Syrian Christianity, that stretched as far as China and India. Upon completion, the student will have a firm grasp of Syriac grammar and a sizeable vocabulary.

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